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AK4X RF Power Monitor

* New design for stand-alone or rack mounting
* Color touchscreen for simplified user interface and outstanding visual impact
* Much higher data sampling rate for improved detection of complex modulation types such as TDMA, SS, P25, PTC, etc
* Simplified one-step calibration
* Dual independently controlled Form-C relays
* Hourly statistical data collection for trend and historical analysis
* External coupler version for use in broadcast and test applications
* High reliability design and remote update capability for long service life
* Power Track function graphically shows power envelope
* Highly reliable and remotely upgradeable for extended service life
* Integrated active bidirectional sensor with better than -155 dBc PIM, choice of 7/16 DIN or N connectors.
* Flexible alarm and warning notification via email, SMS, and SNMP
* Real Time Clock for accurate timestamping of data, events and trend records
* Includes external temperature sensor and keyline or general purpose alarm input

Product Description
The AK4X series are next-generation RF power monitors featuring all of  the capability of our popular AK3XV2 with increased measurement  performance and additional functionality. The LCD color touchscreen  makes the local user interface fast and intuitive, while providing  outstanding visual impact. The integrated Ethernet makes setup, status  and alarm notification available anywhere using a web-browser or SNMP  network management software. Warnings and alarms can be sent to your  email, to your mobile phone via SMS, or your NMS via SNMP notification. A  Real Time Clock allows for accurate timestamps. Dual alarm relays can  be individually assigned to specific alarms or remotely controlled.
AK4X monitors are available with 7/16 DINor N connectors, or with SMA  inputs from an external RF coupler. Combinations of F/F or F/M are  available to simplify installation.
Power can be displayed as either watts or dbm. Both warning and alarm  levels are user-set, and can generate email and/or  SMS notification. Monitored parameters are: forward and reflected power,  SWR, temperature, and input DC power. Timers are provided for stuck-key  and no-key detection, as well as total keyed and idle time  accumulation. Hourly statistical data is stored (up to 1 year) for trend  analysis.
The AK4XEC is designed to use an external bidirectional coupler. The bi-directional RF sensor is integrated into the monitor for AK4XN and AK4XD models. It features a very low PIM specification  of better than -155 dBc, and works with a wide range of modulation types. Software automatically detects forward and reflected power. Models are available in 10W,and 500W (1kW optional) ranges for integrated sensor models, and up to 10kW for external coupler models. Frequency ranges covering 30MHz to 3.5GHz are available (in bands).
The monitor includes two Form-C relays that can be used locally to enable or disable transmitters, switch in backups, or for general purpose use. While both warnings and alarms can generate remote notification, alarms can also activate either or both relays. If not needed for alarming, a relay can instead be controlled independently through SNMP, a browser or from the LCD.
An external keyline input is provided, but the monitor can also use an adjustable  threshold to detect key. If not used for keyline, the input can be used as a  general purpose alarm input (for example as a door sensor), and generate remote notifications. The temperature sensor is easily mounted externally to monitor heatsink temperature,  environmental, etc., or left hanging for ambient temperature. The useable range is -40C to +100C.  

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